Part Three: How to Start Healing Wounds

"There is a field beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there." - Rumi Welcome the final section of our guide on How to Start Healing Wounds. Before we dive in, let's set expectations. Everything here is for … Read More

Part Two: Understanding Wounds

What are wounds/trauma? Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness. - Dr. Peter Levine. Courage is always required to face the truth and move forward in your … Read More

Part One: Introduction Guide To Healing

Those things that hurt, instruct. - Benjamin Franklin. It is for this reason that wise people learn not to dread but actually to welcome problems and actually to welcome the pain of problems. So why are you here? … Read More

What is self-love really?

Why do so many people get self-love wrong? Let's deal with the elephant in the room; self-love is NOT narcism. I tend to agree with Robert Greene's spectrum of narcism. For a good read, check out his book The Laws … Read More

A 10 Minute Meditation Routine

My current meditation routine is for 10 minutes when I wake up, and before I sleep. This is a great way to start your practice. And yes, I actually do it lying down. Download and open the Oak app (it's free). … Read More

What Is Love?

This has been the question of the ages. In the English language, this word has been so misused, watered down, and misconstrued that it is no wonder most of us no longer believe in love as anything more than an … Read More

What Is Spirituality?

Those things that hurt, instruct - Benjamin Franklin. Life is hard; it is challenging; it is a series of problems. The question is whether we want to moan and complain about them or solve them? And in that same … Read More

Beginners Guide to Feelings & Emotions

Feelings are an important part of being a human being. Sadly, due to the harsh nature of survival, all too often we are never taught how to process and understand our feelings. More often than not, feelings bring … Read More

Self Loving Meditation

“You only see correctly with your heart” - unknown. In order for us to see with our hearts, we must heal and find unconditional love. The shortest path starts by creating new thoughts and habits. Watch your … Read More

Guide to Work

“Human excellence is a state of mind.” - Socrates It has often been said; unhappiness comes from people being afraid to face things head-on. And unless you were one of the few to win the genetic lottery of … Read More

Beginners Guide to Meditation

“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive, because your behavior become your habits. … Read More

Hacking your morning

This guide is to give you some tools and ideas from our team to great minds such as Tim Ferris, Ben Greenfield, Jamie Fox, and many more to help you live a better life and counter the aggressors our minds and … Read More

Daily Supplement Guide

Like all advice we provide, nutrition especially is subjective to everyone’s individual biochemistry. That being said, the following is a routine we have followed, and some ideas and suggestions throughout the … Read More

Guide to Sleep

Guide to Sleeping Contrary to a lot of popular motos of “I’ll sleep when I am dead” and "Life is too short to sleep.” Sleep is not an obstacle but an essential natural process. And since we spend nearly a … Read More

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