Recommended supplements.  And links to buy them on Amazon.  If you are a client, we provide discounted to links to most of these.

Mineral Cure Protocol


1. START Taking adrenal cocktails (start of slow, but if it feels good, go up to two servings per day around 10am/2pm)
2. START Taking trace mineral drops (add till the taste changes, then keep it below that level.)
3. START Taking whole-food vitamin C (WFC) complex ( this is in the adrenal cocktail we suggest.)
4. START Taking magnesium (see guide)
5. START Eating grass-fed organic beef liver (see guide)

START Donating blood (see guide)
START Getting regular sunlight (see guide)

6. START Eating organic ancestral whole foods (see guide)
7. START Getting your B vitamins from foods, bee pollen, and rice brand (see guide)
8. START Taking whole-food vitamin E complex  (1 per day, with fatty meal)
9. START Taking boron 1-3mg per day.  (anytime of the day)
10. START Taking cod liver oil (1 time per day, see guide)

11. START Taking taurine (500mg per day, anytime)
12. START Taking silica / diatomaceous earth (1 time per day, usually before sleep, see guide)
13. START Taking iodine from food ( 1 serving of iodine rich food or supplement.)

Example of

a complete day to start off.

All-day, drink trace minerals. I usually ad 4-6 drops into a 22oz glass of water. I usually drink 2-3 of these glasses a day depending on my working out. If you drink coffee or anything else etc add a few drops. Add enough so that you don’t really taste anything. You will notice you get less thirst than usual.

After Breakfast:
Take 4 of  jigsaw magSRT. 
Every other day take 1 boron for the first two weeks, then go to one every day after that.
Cod liver oil, 1 tsp.

At 10am & 2pm
Jarrows adrenal cocktail.
Start with 3, and at 1 pill every 2 days till you get to 6 at each time.
Slow it down if it feels off at all.

At lunch: take the 1 pill of the gamma E

After dinner:
Pure mag glycinate, 2 pills.
1 Taurine

If you work out in the morning, take an extra 2 pills of the mag malate. If you workout the afternoon on, take 2 pills of the mag glycinate.

Optional, but highly recommended:

Start to eat 4-6oz of grass fed organic beef liver a week. I divide this into 4 servings a week at lunch time. Eat it either in the morning or lunch as it is very energizing.

Begin taking bee pollen. Get it locally. Take just a few pieces each morning and slowly add on.

Also, begin to take the rice brand, 1 tsp of it either an hour before breakfast, or before you go to sleep. (I take 3 tbsp, 1 when I wake up and 2 in my smoothie for breakfast. Its a great source of vitamins and nutrients to start the day.)

Get 10-20 min of sunshine every day on as much of your body as you can.