The Legendary Phoenix purpose is to explore cutting-edge science and technology, paired with modern and ancient wisdom, to compile structured and individualized guidance to teach you critical thinking for self-actualization and empower your holistic optimization.


The heart of Legendary Phoenix

When it comes to your lifestyle, purpose, wellness and business, good is never enough.  That is why we have developed a team and series of programs that deliver state-of-the-art solutions customized to your unique wants and needs. 

You can rest assured that you and your needs will be handled by health professionals, in one-on-one consultative treatment and coaching sessions.  

Ethan Fialkow

Founder & Principal Coach

I have been coaching and consulting business clients for almost 20 years. With a Master’s Degree in Business and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (a law degree), I have always seen myself as a catalyst and a consummate problem solver. It has brought me great joy empowering hundred of businesses to maximize their true potential. I have always lived for challenges and to solve problems. My philosophy has always surrounded empowerment, education, and optimization. For years I have made my living distilling the essence of businesses into a well-honed brand and business strategies and tactics – turning underdogs into industry leaders.

In 2020, I gained my clarity through a series of epiphanies during healing work that was brought on by my now wife, and the love of my life Kie. It was through this deep, spiritual work, and healing of my heart that led me to create and launch Legendary Phoenix. I realized that as much as I love helping businesses, my purpose in life is to help people find hope, healing, love, and your own answers.

I have been on a path of spirituality my whole life. Like many others, I was living a life inhibited by painful and terrifying experiences from my past that no matter what I tried wouldn’t heal. I often found myself struggling with depression and feeling alone, even though I had people around me. For most of my life, this also led me to self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that kept holding me back.

After decades of research, and through the help of friends, mentors, and gurus, I was able to find my path to healing. I was guided to connect certain dots, and distill the wisdom of others into, what I hope will be coherent and effective guides and tools to help people find and stay on their path of spirituality. I have been fortunate to find unconditional love for myself, for Kie, and now I believe anyone can if they are ready to do the work.

Legendary Phoenix is meant to help and empower people. We are a tribe, committed to love, healing, and leaving the world better than when we came into it. And, let me tell you a secret, there isn’t a magic bullet or one answer for everyone. If you are looking for simple answers or shortcuts, you have come to the wrong place. But if you are ready to grow, heal, and expand, then welcome to Legendary Phoenix.

Kie Fialkow

CO-Founder & Success Coach

Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, she embarked on an international journey at the young age of 17 to study in the United States. After graduating from a university in California, she initially took a conventional route by securing a job in Tokyo. However, a series of events and encounters sparked her decision to pursue her own unique path in life relentlessly.

Driven by the motto of promoting better health for all, she became actively involved in a variety of startups. Now, based in America with a professional team, she offers support for many individuals’ endeavors, drawing from her own experiences and the human optimization tools she can wholeheartedly endorse. Moreover, she leverages a wide range of skills honed throughout her career.

Always on the hunt for cutting-edge knowledge and tools for self-optimization, she continually strives for self-improvement, aiming to be the best version of herself.

She serves as an accountability partner for everyone – students, homemakers, professionals, and entrepreneurs.  She is dedicated to providing full support for each client’s growth by creating an environment where individuals can comfortably express their emotions and thoughts, become absorbed in themselves, and focus on self-improvement. She believes that not every moment needs to be enjoyable and smooth; in fact, the most significant growth often comes from facing challenges. There may be times when you are encouraged to engage in difficult conversations or adopt new perspectives. However, she is fully committed to guiding you through your growth and progress, providing the support you need with all her capabilities.

Now is your chance! Start your journey towards being the best version of yourself!

Our Board of


Peter Radsliff

Business Consultant & Advisor

I have been blessed with an incredibly varied life and 30+ year business career which has provided the unique insight I bring to my Legendary Phoenix clients. I gained my B.A. and did my graduate work at San Francisco State University’s Department of Design and Industry which provided lifelong guidance to me of the importance of the design process. I then joined the SFSU faculty and periodically taught core design courses to undergraduate and graduate students. After gaining my B.A. I spent the next 18+ years leading marketing and product teams at two major consumer brands in different industries. I then became a serial entrepreneur, recruited to executive roles at seven venture-backed startups as VP Marketing, VP Product, and CEO. For the past 20+ years, I have also been a business, marketing, and product consultant sometimes accepting a fulltime or temporary executive role for a client.

Throughout my journey I have had the privilege to mentor, coach, or guide many dozens of souls in their role as either my client, colleague, subordinate, or friend. The crucible-like nature of startup companies especially taught me the importance of honesty, trust, camaraderie, and truth—and to understand the power of allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Much of my business coaching focuses on getting people to understand how business efforts need to work together to achieve the end goal. So much of business separates into silos that don’t talk to one another but then expect the end product or service to present a unified and compelling face to the customer. Where did businesses go so wrong thinking that disparate groups not working well together could create something great? And in today’s business world, how can a person navigate the political landmines that present themselves throughout a career without stepping on one and getting blown up in the process? These are just some of the common themes I work on with my clients.

Outside of work, the focus of my life is my wife of 33 years and three adult children. I have always been passionate about my family and personal interests like scuba diving, motorcycling, off-road driving, photography, and illustration, and I encourage my clients to integrate their passions throughout their personal and professional lives. Great business lessons can be learned from things that started as a hobby.

If you need help with work, relationships, or your approach to business and life, welcome to Legendary Phoenix.

L. Burke Files, DDP, CACM

Future-Proofing Consultant & Advisor

Since the 1980’s I have had the pleasure of leading the risk management, due diligence, investment, investigative, and research side of We Unfuck and FE&E Inc. As part of my duties I taught and coached corporations, governments, and professionals. I have run engagements in over 130 countries.

I am keenly aware of the types and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions in business and investing. My specialty has been in empowering people to identify and mitigate the risks associated with their cognitive biases and heuristics. I have written award-winning books and courses on these topics. I look forward to sharing my insight and experience with the Legendary Phoenix Tribe.

While my focus is on coaching and consulting, I serve on boards for private companies, working in international finance, due diligence, and anti-corruption.