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deserves a chance

Don’t you deserve the chance to find fulfillment, purpose, healing, and hope?

We believe so, so we created the Legendary Phoenix Cycle of Rebirth.

Your life is ever evolving and changing. And you need a solution that evolves and grows with you. That solution is the “Legendary Phoenix Cycle of Rebirth.”

It is a cyclical solution based on cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom that guides you, no matter where you are in life, to find your unique answers.

Finding these answers takes work. There are no shortcuts in the work itself, but our insights and frameworks compile lifetimes of solutions and advancements. The result? Self-actualization and optimization with time to enjoy your life.

It is powerful to remember that while each of our journeys and paths is unique, you don’t have to find all the answers on your own. Our coaches work with you, utilizing this framework to help you save time and effort to focus on doing the work you truly need. Learn more about our protocol below.

Holistic Approach

& Framework

We have created a unique holistic framework, the “Legendary Phoenix Cycle of Rebirth,” (see graphic below) based on cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom that guides you, no matter where you are in life, to find your unique answers. 

To find these answers takes work, there are no shortcuts in the work itself, but our insights and frameworks compile lifetimes of answers and advancements. The result? Self-actualization and optimization with time to enjoy your life.

Our framework first looks at where you are with your work and basic needs. Next, in order to be willing to do the work, we help you realize you are worth it, finding your self-worthiness and self-love. We then empower you to work through and overcome your biases, limiting beliefs, and past experiences that hold you back from thinking critically. From there we look to optimize you and your life, and your relationships leading you towards self-actualization/spirituality (i.e. attaining your higher self).

Key to the framework is the idea of rebirth and transcendence – i.e., the cycle of the Phoenix. Many traditional frameworks are linear. Ours is a cyclical understanding that we have it within ourselves to reinvent and reinvigorate our lives many times over. The goal is to become better and better versions of yourself, transcending the old you. By embracing the cycle of rebirth from the ashes of ‘before,’ you let go of things that hold you back and embrace a new day and new you. Our framework enables you to grow and move forward in life, welcoming change and evolving towards your ultimate self-actualization and optimization.

Phase 1

Survival & Work

The first stage of the process is survival and work. It presents the idea that people are initially motivated based on where they are at, often at the stage of fulfilling their survival needs, i.e., physiological, safety, belonging, and esteem (similar to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs). We take it a step further to include your work and career.

Essential to self-actualization and optimization is first being able to free your mind from the worries and concerns of survival and work. Thereby creating time and space for the next stages.

Throughout our lives, our variables, needs, and priorities change. Thus our survival and work focus changes. That is why we need to revisit it from time to time.

Consider a person who chooses to live an austere life like a monk will have a different level of need from a father of four. And while we may not encounter those specific life examples, most of us experience going from childhood to early adulthood to starting a family. These examples are significant shifts and require different attention and focus towards our survival needs.

This is important to keep in mind for several reasons. First, not everyone can or will be able to devote the same amount of effort for the work on this path. Second, that’s okay. Accepting your path is essential to the next stage. Third, because the variables change over time, it’s crucial to revise your wants and needs at this level from time to time, to adjust and optimize for your path.

Phase 2

Self-Worthiness & Self-Love

While we have this as the second step, it often is necessary to work on and develop self-worthiness & self-love from the start. First, let us look at what these terms are and why they are so important to your path.

Self-love is about realizing and accepting your self-worth. If you don’t care about yourself enough and believe you are worthy to attain these higher levels, you will never reach for them. You will find every excuse not to do the work and self-sabotage yourself along the way.

Moreover, only through self-love will you be able to overcome your biases and limiting beliefs that hold you back and allow you to take control of your future.

But once you realize you are worthy and you are ready to do the work, then it is time to move to the next stage.

Phase 3

Healing Biases & Past Experiences

This is one of the more complex and challenging phases of the cycle. We have written extensively about this in our Guide to Healing Wounds.

Wounds/Traumas are any experiences that have a strong enough impact on you to cause your body and/or brain to create a protective layer, a “protective self” that integrates with your ego or sense of self and then affects how you view the world. These are a large cause of our biases and ultimately shape who we are and the direction of our choices in life.

For the majority of us, we will be trying to heal biases for the rest of our lives. However, through the Legendary Phoenix framework and processes, we will empower you to efficiently and effectively identify patterns and signs that lead you to the source of these wounds and how to heal them.

Once you heal a wound, it never comes back. And as you gain proficiency with these tools, you become more and more proficient at identifying, resolving other wounds, and most importantly, reacting less and responding more. You will apply critical thinking to situations and problems that come up and that you need to address.

Here are five steps for the healing process

  1. Awareness
  2. Self Love
  3. External to Internal
  4. The Core Wound
  5. Rebirth and Second Chances

Phase 4

Relationships & Tribe

Regardless of where you are in life, you will have friends, family, and if fortunate enough, tribe(s) around you. However, until you have found enough healing, self-worth, and clarity to create healthy boundaries around who you want and need to be, your tribe and relationships will most likely be in flux, or composed of people who may be toxic or misaligned from your truth. That is because we tend to attract people to us that force us to face our wounds, whether we realize it or not. And until we heal, we usually don’t attract those people to our truths.

Beyond just the healing, as we live our lives, our needs and circumstances change. Just think about the difference from when you were a child, to college, to early adulthood, to having a family. Each of these stages likely entailed different people around you with different needs and different commitments.

As you heal and gain clarity, you likely will find new and different friendships. If you were single and lonely, you would probably be on the path to find the love of your life.

There will be times when your relationships and tribe are exactly where you need them to be. And you can focus more on the other phases of healing, self-actualization, and transcendence.

But your relationships and tribe must be a priority. We are a tribal species, and we need our tribes. In fact, one of our deepest-rooted fears, our fear of rejection, is wired into us because historically, rejection from the tribe would mean death.

Like all things, relations and tribes require you to revisit this aspect of your life over and over to ensure that both the people in your life are receiving the love and attention they need and that you are also receiving what you need as well.

Only after these foundations are solid, or at least after you are making good progress, is it ideal to shift your focus to self-actualization and optimization.

Phase 5

Self-Actualization & Optimization

Your ultimate goal is to find the highest form of yourself. Leading to your success, fulfillment, and purpose. As you heal, and as you get closer to your truths, you will face new challenges. The solutions that served you in the past will most likely no longer serve you.

This stage is the most subjective and completely dependent on you. Your unique challenges, choices, and needs will dictate the tools and focus. We will begin to look at the deep questions as well as the ways to optimize key areas: nutrition, sleep, mind, spirit/soul, work, and movement.

This is one of the stages you will revisit often as you get closer to self-actualization.

Phase 6

Transcendence & Rebirth

The last phase focuses on periodic renewal and rebirth. Growth and progress happen more efficiently and effectively when you allow yourself to let go of the past and the things that are holding you back. Through this rebirth, you let got to evolve and transcend towards being a stronger, purpose-driven, and more capable self.

The story of the Phoenix is key to this idea as this mythical bird is continuously reborn stronger, with each day bringing a new start. By choosing the path of the Legendary Phoenix, you are choosing to make yourself better each and every day.

Are you ready to allow yourself to be renewed each morning—stronger, happier, and more capable? Are you ready to start or continue your path towards self-actualization? Then contact us today, and let us help empower you, now.