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Rachel B.


The best chiropractor I’ve seen for several important reasons:

1.) The most important (to me) is that he doesn’t just crack your spine and send you on your way. (Which is such a temporary and ineffective fix). After his in-depth evaluations, he give me tools to feel better on my own. That way, instead of being completely reliant on seeing him for adjustments (and throwing more and more cash at the problem), I have the tools to make myself feel better. So I can try them at home for weeks, and I progressively get better on my own (yay!) while seeing him to keep learning more and feeling better.

2.) I always feel better! I went in a couple weeks ago because I couldn’t raise my left arm after a workout/climbing injury. He really found all the movement patterns that had led up to the injury AND addressed the injury itself. I left the office feeling great, and have been totally fine since then. (Even went back to lifting a couple days later.)

3.) He’s sporty himself, so as a personal trainer, I like having someone who understands exercise! This may not be important to everyone, but it matters a lot to me. : )

I’m going to continue to see Craig, even to work on some nagging imbalances from old injuries. With such a saturation of wellness services in LA, it’s so great to find something that really works!!!

Valentina M.


Craig is the absolute best. I’ve been going to him for about 3 months now and as a sufferer of migraines my entire life and having an injury due to a car accident 2 years ago, I no longer have migraines. He’s the only one knew exactly what was wrong & the exercises and steps needed to fix it. He is professional, really focused on overall wellness in terms of health and exercise as well. My health and any pain I experienced with my gut etc. has also drastically shifted with Craigs’ guidance. Highly recommend him for any health & wellness concerns as well as any injuries.

Tara B.


Dr. Craig Abrams helped me so much with my lower back pain that seemed to come out of nowhere! I came into his office in terrible pain and had relief right away while there. He treats the whole body and is extremely knowledgeable about where pain is originating and why. He uses a range of treatments including laser, range of motion and strengthening exercises, as well as chiropractic. Highly recommend!

Nina K.


Craig is amazing! He taped my neck today because I said I wanted help with my “text neck”. He taught me a few exercises but the tape is telling. I sat down at my desk to see how it feels to sit right when I work and wow, I can feel a major difference! I’m glad I have the right practioner to help me get to where I want to be! Craig Abrams is unlike any other Chiropractor I have been too. He doesn’t over adjust and always teaches me new exercises to strengthen my body so I can live pain free and stay in the fitness level I desire. Angelenos need to know about him.

Amanda K.


So glad I found this place!! I came in with really bad elbow pain from fighting (most likely an armbar from jiu jitsu or something in muay thai), I couldn’t bend or extend it, or put any pressure – not even wash my hair or put on a seat belt. Turns out I tore something and my radius wasn’t working correctly. Craig found some other problems, like my shoulder, which had been a previous injury, and after seeing him only 3 times, doing manual and laser therapy, I was literally back to kickboxing in a week and jiu jitsu in about two weeks. The laser is seriously a miracle and craig is super cool – he totally loves what he does and explains everything about your injury and why he’s treating it a certain way.

James L.


Dr. Abrams really, really cares about his patients. His approach is completely holistic  and he’s not just about improving your temporary comfort, but about getting your overall health back on track (and sending you on your merry way!)

He’s fun to be around, and extremely accommodating. He knows his stuff!!

Christina B.


I recently moved to Santa Monica and had been looking for someone that I could trust to work with my back and the tension that I had been experiencing. Craig Abrams really cares about his patients and has a very full assessment that he goes through to evaluate each person that he works with. It is well worth the drive to see him. I highly recommend Craig for his Chiropractic services. You will love him!

Jill V.


Dr. Craig Abrams has one of the most effective approaches to healing, pain management and wellness that I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been to countless practitioners over the last 25 years. I’ve tried traditional and non-traditional chiro, acupuncture and a host of other methods. Dr. Craig’s focus on a simple but targeted and tailored set of exercises is super empowering. Now, when I feel a twinge, I know what to do MYSELF to manage my symptoms and keep my back from going out.
Dr. Craig’s approach is customized and very personalized and he has the best bedside manner of any medical pro I’ve ever worked with. If you want to feel better and be able to have more control over your own healing, work with Craig Abrams.

Amanda S.


Craig is extremely knowledgable and skilled. When I went in to see him I had been in pain for months and honestly wasn’t expecting relief. Just a few weeks later I’m feeling real relief. I’m very grateful for Craig’s treatments, the exercises he teaches me, and the care and attention with which he continues to bestow both!

Madeleine S

Dr Abrams has helped me tremendously. He understands the relationship between the physical and energetic body. That understanding has enabled him to work w my body in away to alleviate not only physical discomfort but also emotional/mental unease. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Wes L

Dr. Abrams diagnosed the issues in my diet and exercise routine almost immediately and helped craft a sustainable path to long-term weight loss and fitness. Changed my life.