Ready for something new?

Ready to start your new business?

But you are unsure of what to do? We have you covered. We have unique offerings for both coaches that want to wear the Legendary Phoenix mantel, and for those looking to build a brand and reputation of their own.

Whatever your needs, it is our goal to empower a new generation of coaches that can make a difference, and leave the world better off than when we cam into it.

For those interested in coaching under the Legendary Phoenix brand we offer:

  • Business coaching & support to start and grow your business
  • Website & hosting & email (through Legendary Phoenix domains).
  • Access to our tribe of coaches
  • Access to special resources and opportunities

For those interested in building their own brand:

  • We can provide a brand strategy to create a brand, name, logo, and content that is uniquely you
  • Custom Websites & hosting
  • Your own domain and emails
  • Business coaching & support to start and grow your business

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